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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Robert Stephens who was born in Georgia on 09 Juni 1946 and passed away on 08 September 2007 at the age of 61. We will remember him forever.
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You always loved Christmas   / Debbie Mills (Sister)
Robert Just thinking about you this morning and how you loved Christmas.  The whole present part (giving or receiving) seemed always stressful to you -- and I'm getting on the same page on that one Big Brother...but the being together the music...  Continue >>
Love you   / Stephanie Mischke (Daughter)
Daddy I just wanted to say that I love you and miss you very much.  I know there were times that we didn't always see eye to eye but you were always there for me when I needed you most.  I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye and I hope you...  Continue >>
I Can Only Imagine   / Debbie Mills (Sister)
Robert liked country gospel and I don't know what else.  Sometime when we were visiting and he was still living at Mom & Dad's I was surprised to find him listening to a contemporary Christian radio station.  The song I happened on when...  Continue >>
2 years ago today -- Robert went Home.   / Debbie Mills (Sister)
It's the 2nd anniversary of Robert's Homegoing. Although Robert wasn't in church regularly in the last years of his life we both gave our hearts/lives to Jesus the same year. I was 9 and he was 14. We were baptized together with a few others in a ...  Continue >>
Uncle Robert   / Jeremy Stephens (Nephew)
Uncle Robert was a wise dreamer. Though his advice was not always perfect (and whose is) it was always centered around a long life of trials journeys and discoveries. I remember every time I came to visit we would plan something. Whether it was worki...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Robert Stephens - Son, Dad, Brother, Papa, Friend  
This is just the beginning of a memory website for Robert H. Stephens.

He had a complicated life....he lived hard....sometimes hard on others but hardest on himself.  He was my oldest brother.  All my earliest childhood memories have him as part of them.  He was sometimes a tormentor but more a protector.  So responsible.  He loved life...even when his circumstances were difficult for him confusing bewildering.  He was a passionate man.  He could rage at what seemed wrong or unjust in his way of thinking and then in a matter of minutes display just such tenderness it was hard to put the two together.

He had two children Stephanie and Chad whom he loved very much.  He wasn't always able to express his love in ways that seemed clear but I believe they knew/know he loved them.  His grandchildren were a delight to him.  When he was around his grandchildren nieces and nephews he seemed at his best.  He let go of the myriad of things that separated him from others....and let down his guard....and was just Papa....or Uncle Robert.  He loved to have fun with kids -- teasing them asking them questions to make them think and making memories with them. 

A friend told me one time that I should not be drawn into arguments with him....but rather respond to what was time went by I began to understand more of what that was about.  Robert for reasons I will never understand this side of Heaven tried to push people away tried to rile them up tried to start a fight...when really all he wanted was to pull close to BE with people to NOT win the battle....... That battle raging inside him was a very personal one....but once I stopped fighting with him I came to know him...and love him more than ever I did all the years before.

So...I want to put details of his life on this site...but it may take me some time.  There are still emotions that dull my mind.... Robert is the third of significant losses in my life -- his son Chad died 13 years before he died; our Mom died 5 years before Robert died....and now Robert in 2007.  3 generations -- people who strongly influenced the rest of us.

Any stories that you have please share them in the tributes or if you prefer in a private email to me at  Thanks. will always be my big brother.  I'm so thankful to have our two younger brothers still.  And your sweet Stephanie and your grandchildren.  Hopefully we have learned from you about living hard (too hard on yourself in particular) and dying entirely too young.... we have also hopefully learned something of life and love from you.  I know I have.
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